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Triads Around The Cycle

[wpvideo k7psS9uW]
Using the cycle to practice harmonic material ensures all key centres get some attention. This is especially important for students interested in improvisation.
The “cycle” occurs in so many styles of music that it really should be explored by all musicians, but for this lesson we are only using it as a practice tool.
* All triads are played as half note triplets (2 triads per bar). Try playing quarter note triplets, on in 12/8 or 3/4 etc. My lesson PDF’s include many written examples.
The first exercise I play in the video is major triads through the cycle starting with F major (on the D string). The cycle is complete when you get back to F (on the E string).
Once you can comfortably play major triads through the cycle, repeat the exercise but start on F#, G etc.
The second exercise involves alternating between minor and major triads. Start with F minor triad (start on the D string again) then Bb major etc etc. This is a great way to practice quick major  ii V7 changes. Again, once this is mastered, repeat the exercise by starting on F#, G, G# etc.
The third exercise involves alternating between diminished and major triads. This chord progression mimics the minor ii V7 movement (m7b5 / V7).
For a detailed PDF of this lesson please contact via e-mail.