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Charlie Haden Solo Transcription

I recently transcribed Charlie Haden’s solo on “Our Spanish Love Song” from the album Beyond Missouri Sky. The song is played as a duo with Pat Metheny on nylon string guitar. The solo is only short (only 20 bars long) but it is beautiful. On paper it looks simple, but there is beauty in it’s simplicity. How many electric bass players can play a solo with such clear and thoughtful melodic progression? In my opinion, electric bass players to often veer towards the technical, and are more concerned with playing “bass” rather than playing “music”. Haden uses and embellishes repetitive melodic and rhythmic motifs throughout to create a sense of forward motion in his solo. He clearly outlines the harmony with masterful placement of every note. RIP Charlie Haden.

charlie haden transcription

Here is a recording I made of the solo transcription:


Click here to download the PDF Charlie Haden solo transcription  

Here is a link to the song on youtube.