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My new instrument – Citron AE5 Custom

Here are the specifications: 3″ hollow mahogany body 3 piece mahogany / rosewood / mahogany neck 24 fret ebony fingerboard 2 Citron hum-bucking pickups 6 under saddle, blendable piezo pickups
The versatility due to the preamp is actually quite staggering. Harvey lets you blend between the hum buckers and the piezo pick ups. But there is a second blend control for blending between front and back hum buckers as well. The hum buckers have a three band EQ with sweepable mid control, and the piezo have a 2 band EQ with 3 separate volume controls for E, A-G and C strings.
Rose1 Rose2 Rose3 Rose4 Rose5 Rose6
[wpvideo LM7cW8Tq]