Student Policy


1. You are entitled to ONE make-up lesson per term IF notice is given 24 hours prior via SMS. Any further make-up lessons are at the discretion of Richard Rose Music.
2. No refunds or credits will be offered for cancellations or no shows.
3. Make-up lessons do not roll over to subsequent terms.
4. Lessons will not fall on public holidays.
5. You are expected to give notice upon enrolling if you will be away so that a make-up lesson can be arranged.
6. Term fees are non-refundable.
7. In the event that Richard Rose Music has to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will be arranged.


1. To ensure enrolment, a deposit must be received 24 hours in advance of commencement of lessons. Invoices with bank account details are issued to all students. Payment via Paypal is allowed for overseas students only.
3. Failure to pay fees before the due date will result in the cessation of lessons.
4. Payment plans (2 installments) can be arranged BUT will incur a $25.00 AUD admin fee.
5. Mid term enrolments simply pay for remaining weeks up the end of the current term.


1. Lessons begin at the allotted lesson time and will cease with 5 minutes remaining to allow for lesson review, note taking and questions. When a student arrives late the lesson will still end on time. A 15 minute window is kept for students who are late – after this time Richard reserves the right to consider the lesson a “no show”. If you are running late or having technical difficulties please SMS or call.
2. All students must create their own account for relevant apps including Zoom, Evernote and Auralia. Links to these pages will be emailed to each student upon enrolment. “Original Sound” setting must be installed and turned on whilst using Zoom.
3. All online students are encouraged to record each lesson.
4. Lessons may be recorded and kept for private use only. You are not allowed to post any videos to social media with consent from Richard Rose Music. You agree that all copyright in such videos is wholly owned by Richard Rose Music.
5. You permit Richard Rose Music to record all lessons. Videos will be used internally and may be shown to other students. Any other use of lesson videos may only occur with each students permission. You may opt out of any video recording by notifying Richard Rose Music.
6. You are expected to practice all prescribed technical work and repertoire and complete any assigned music theory, aural and musicianship exercises.


1. Prior to commencement of lessons all students must create accounts for Zoom, Evernote, Auralia & Google.
2. To get the best results with audio isolation please use headphones during all lessons.
3. Please test your set-up with a friend prior to your first lesson. Make sure your bass (including fretting and plucking hands) are visible and that your sound is reasonably clear. Sound card / audio interface setups are not mandatory – simply make sure you bass amp is set at an appropriate volume. A little trial and error may be required at first.
4. Make sure you have a suitable lesson space free of distractions and background noise.
5. It is highly recommended to make sure your internet speed is reasonably fast. An easy way to free up bandwidth is disconnect other household devices for the duration of the lesson.
6. Pencils and notebook.


1. All students are required to upload videos regularly which form part of their practice diary. Self reflection and teacher feedback are incredibly useful tools for staying on track and achieving your goals.


SMS during business hours (9am-5pm) when cancelling at short notice.

Ph: 0434950648


By enrolling in lessons at Richard Rose Music, all students agree to the terms and conditions as outlined here.