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Steve Swallow solo transcription

Here is a transcription of Steve Swallow’s solo on “Someone To Watch Over Me” recorded live with the John Scofield Trio recorded in 2010
Click on this link Someone To Watch Over Me for my written transcription of Steve’s solo.
Key elements to analyse are:
– emphasis on outlining chord tones and harmonic movement
– development of key rhythmic and melodic motifs
– clear definition of rhythmic ideas
– constant articulation of every note
Swallow uses string bends in a sophisticated way to colour the underlying harmony, and his application of this technique is an extension of how it is applied in blues music. Dig how he uses string bends to anticipate the Db diminished and B diminished chords coupled with a repeated rhythmic phrase.
I recommend listening to Steve’s solo (without me playing over the top) to anyone wishing to learn and analyse this solo. The simplicity and beauty of this solo make it one of my favourite Steve Swallow solos. Here is the link to the Youtube clip.