Black Jesus Experience – Good Evening Black Buddha (2022)

“Good Evening Black Buddha” is Black Jesus eXperience’s seventh studio album. Inspired by the land we live on and the connection to all that have gone before and will follow. Inspired by the multicultural power of our community and the paradox of the story of the Black Buddha. From the perversity of the pandemic and its imposition of separation comes “Good Evening Black Buddha”, celebrating togetherness. Darkness is light.

The songs on “Good Evening Black Buddha” rove from the lightness of touch of a trio to BJX’s full fourteen piece polyrhythmic, polymetric, polytonal ‘Ethiofunk’ juggernaut with six-piece horn arrangements. Soloists include living national treasure Bob Sedergreen on keyboards, Peter Harper on saxophone, Ian Dixon on trumpet, Zac Lister (guitar), Larry Crestani on guitar and his own invention ‘kraartar’, over the deep grooves of Richard Rose (electric bass), James Davies (kit), and Kahan Harper (percussion).

★★★★ “Afro beat, high life, soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, pop and folkloric sounds from several continents. Sophisticated but never overproduced. A cool thing.” – Dr Chuck

“If you want to know what all the hype is about Good Evening Black Buddha finds BJX in career-best form, and if you have any love for the intersection of afro sounds with funk, jazz and hip-hop then you need to hear what this gang can do.” – Kieran Ruffles

Black Jesus Experience – To Know Without Knowing (2020)

★★★★ “An absorbing ride.
Collectivity, groove and a powerful live show are prized and shine through; perfect for the festival season we are sadly missing.”
The Observer – Neil Spencer

★★★★ “Beautifully layered and organic, trippy and hypnotic.
This is the good stuff, don’t waste a drop of it! ‘To Know Without Knowing’ reminds us that Ethio-jazz isn’t music that’s rooted in the 60’s but an ever growing, expanding art form that has such relevance today.”
Blues And Soul Magazine

★★★★ “A startlingly successful marriage of old and new.”
Q Magazine – Steve Yates

★★★★ “An irresistible collective effort.
Volcanic.. fusillades of brass and percussion.. spiraling rhythms.. starkly hypnotic.“
The Times – Clive Davis

Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel – Southern Light (2016)

“A warm, breezy and welcoming record that steers clear of the Nashville clichés.” – Chris Familton

“Sal Kimber’s third album Southern Light radiates a softly polished mastery of alt-country.” – Chris Lambie

★★★★ “Sal Kimber & the Rollin Wheel are skilled purveyors of smooth hook-laden roots-infused pop rock that slides effortlessly into the listener’s memory bank. .. the ideal accompaniment to endless sun-drenched summer days. ”  
Beat – Graham Blackley

John Flanagan – Manhood Method Actor (2023)

Award-winning songwriter John Flanagan has been praised for his authentic, heartfelt storytelling and uplifting performances. His forthcoming album Manhood Method Actor brings to life the soulful folk-rock sound of the 70s, taking inspiration from the likes of Jackson Browne, CSNY, Bonnie Raitt and Van Morrison. Lyrically the album traverses various landscapes of masculinity and relationships with themes of love, conflict, parenthood and coming of age. With soaring harmonies, powerful horn melodies, a grooving rhythm section and Flanagan’s warm, stirring vocals: the album draws the listener through moments of infectious joy, glimpses of touching sadness and everything in between.

★★★★ “Listening to the big, bold sound and confident songwriting on Melbourne singer-songwriter John Flanagan’s fourth album, Manhood Method Actor, you have to wonder what it takes these days for an artist to signed up by a major label.”
Rhythms Magazine – Michael Smith

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