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New toys

Ive been experimenting with some new pedals lately. I recently purchased the POG 2 and the Aguilar Octamizer. Both are octave pedals but offer vastly different tones. The Octamizer is an analogue pedal, and really only works monophonically. It has some great features, as well as a really nice warm octave sound which analogue pedals are known for. The Octamizer has an octave filter control which allows you to drastically change the octave sound. Turning the filter knob clockwise thickens the sound and adds a bit of grit. This helps to separate it from the clean tone coming from the bass. Turing the octave filter counter clockwise smoothes out the octave sound – allowing the clean and octave tones to blend seamlessly. The “clean tone” control filters out highs and lows depending on how you set it. Set at 12 noon, the tone should be close to the bypassed sound of your bass. Turn the control clockwise and it slowly cuts the bass frequencies. Turn the control counter clockwise and the high frequencies are cut. These two controls, on top of separate volume controls for the clean and octave give you plenty of tonal possibilities.
The POG 2 is a digital, polyphonic octave pedal. It offeres octave up and down. The tone isn’t as nice as the Aguilar Octamizer, but because it is polyphonic, it does allow you to get some pretty unique sounds out of it. Combined with a volume pedal, the POG 2 can sound like a church organ. It has a separate fader labelled “detune” which really adds colour. Definitely lots of possibilities with this one.
I’ll post a video sometime soon.