photo: Anthony Den-Hartog

My lessons cater for all skill levels. Lessons are presented in a laid back manner, with a wealth of pre-prepared material for each student to utilise. First and foremost lessons must be fun, but apart from that, students need to feel like they are making progress. Often times, progress whilst learning a musical instrument is hard to define. Working through material with an experienced player and teacher is the key to staying on track and avoiding some of the common pitfalls that lead to loss of motivation. I love conversational music, and lessons with me always include playing music together with students.

Core principles of my curriculum:

– Rhythm studies

– Learning the fretboard

– Harmony

– Repertoire

Teaching Philosophy

In the practice room I aim to be as methodical as possible, trying my best to focus on academic principlesLearning how to separate academic principles from artistic ones has been a big part of my personal practice over the last 7 years and has helped me keep striving towards my goals and avoid constant diversions and distractions. I try to demonstrate the freedom this kind of practice can give to my students.

To make consistent improvement on your instrument, you have to practice things you aren’t good at and actively seek out musical principles you don’t know very well and practice them. A good teacher guides you down this path.

Learning music is not about how many pages you can burn through in an exercise book. What you know is not as important as how well you have absorbed it. My curriculum has been designed to show students how to practice creatively and effectively. By approaching a musical concept from multiple viewpoints with a variety of practical exercises, students learn that there is much more to learning an instrument than just playing exercises from a book.

My teaching aims to simplify musical concepts and encourage students to approach playing music intuitively, with an open mind and positive attitude. I want to share my passion with you! My main objective is to teach my students how to practice. If a student knows how to practice effectively, he or she will learn much more than a student who is spoon-fed by a teacher. My students benefit from a wealth of written material designed for all skill levels. I am proud of my curriculum which draws upon 15 years of professional experience and formal study as well as 20 years of experience playing the bass guitar. All information presented in my curriculum is applied through practical exercises and repertoire studies.


Private lessons are offered in 60 minute sessions. Lessons are offered at my home studio. *Depending on location, I can travel to your home to conduct the lesson if this is desired (for an added fee of approx $5 – $10 per lesson).

*COVID UPDATE – I am now offering face to face lessons again but this may change as the situation in Melbourne develops. I currently only offer hour long lessons at $70 an hour.

Qualifications: BMus, Southern Cross University 2011, BMusPerf (Hons) The University of Melbourne (VCA) 2013

I have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC)

I’m currently registered with Music Teachers Online. To find out more follow this link