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J.S Bach – Cello Suite No. III, Bourree 1

[wpvideo Vdz6Yzpv]
I am most certainly not a classical musician (maybe the electric bass is a giveaway), but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy classical music. I learnt this very short piece as part of an experiment in my practice routine. I recorded the piece a couple of times (this was the best take, but far from perfect). The first thing I noticed, apart from the fact that the electric bass doesn’t sound nearly as expressive as a cello was that my timing lagged during the busier sections. My tendency is to rush during busier sections, so perhaps this was my sub-conscious trying to make up for it. The second thing I realised was how sloppy my playing can be!!! Music like this requires precision of execution. Because of this, pieces like this are wonderful for practicing left hand technique, position shifts etc.
I would encourage every bass player to learn a couple of classical pieces. They don’t have to be difficult (the piece played here is quite simple in the scheme of things). There are so many beautiful pieces of music out there which can be wonderfully informative at the same time.
Here is how a master does it: