Richard Rose is a musician and music educator based in Melbourne / Naarm, Australia.

Richard’s career as an electric bassist encompasses recording, performing, and touring with some of Australia’s most esteemed artists. He has had the privilege of collaborating with and contributing to the works of renowned musicians, showcasing his skills and musicality on various stages and platforms. For the past 10 years, Richard’s involvement in Melbourne’s music scene has enriched and shaped his own voice as a bassist and deepened his understanding of the craft. He is immersed in an array of musical subcultures spanning Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Folk and Ethio-Jazz, which all inform his playing style and allow him to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching.

“I am extremely proud and grateful that through my hard work and a little bit of luck, I’ve be able to earn a living playing bass for the last fifteen years. I was thirteen when I first got my hands on a bass guitar, and I fell in love instantly. I immediately enjoyed the challenge of learning an instrument, and being mostly self taught for the first few years allowed me to follow my interests. It was inspiring to dig through my Dad’s record collection and attempt to play along with artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley & Steely Dan.”

After completing his Bachelor of Contemporary Music from Southern Cross University in 2011 and his Bachelor of Music Performance with Honors from The Victorian College of the Arts in 2012, Richard has successfully managed a dynamic schedule that combines his teaching commitments with a thriving performing career. Richard has studied with some incredible bass players including: Greg Lyon, Christopher Hale, Steve Hunter, Sam Anning, Jeff Andrews, Evan Marien, John Patitucci, Anthony Wellington & Tim Lefebvre.

Richard’s teaching career has encompassed a range of esteemed educational institutions throughout Melbourne. He has shared his expertise with students at schools such as Beaconhills College and Kingswood College. He currently teaches at Northern College of Arts & Technology in Preston and Melbourne Polytechnic (Fairfield campus). Since 2013, Richard has been delivering high-quality lessons to students from all corners of Melbourne, providing valuable guidance and instruction to aspiring musicians in diverse communities.

“I started Richard Rose Music in 2013 as a hub for my private teaching and my freelancing. Two different worlds but they both work to inform the other. The best teachers excel in maintaining an understanding of the beginner’s perspective, even as students progress and encounter more difficult material. This is core to what Richard Rose music is for me.”

With a temperament that is warm and patient, and a teaching style that is confident and relaxed, Richard is a mentor you want in your corner. He understands the intricacies involved in learning an instrument and centres his approach on what each student needs. He has first hand experience in how to correct technique, build good habits, strengthen foundational knowledge, as well as an in depth understanding of the function of the bass in various genres. All of these factors can improve each student’s self-belief and musicality as well as improve a performer’s confidence and self esteem.